Looking for recommended moving companies Hamilton, NJ neighbors? We know the countless hours you spent organizing and packing for the big day. The last thing you want is to lose your motivation now. AR&C Self Storage is here to help! Choosing a reliable moving company is the next step in the storage process. These local moving companies are in our neighborhood and ready to help. The following are our recommended moving companies that are reliable and helpful for local and long distance moves:

Mighty Max Movers – Jim Rossi – 609-581-1611 – Local movers

Rite-Move – Joseph Potenza – 609-586-6833 – Local and long distance movers

Harris Moving, Inc – David Harris – 609-918-1901-Local and long distance movers

When you have a moving company, other than Mighty Max Movers, Harris Movers or Rite Move, coming to AR&C Self Storage, please have the primary driver stop in the office to review guidelines; parking, elevator toggle switches, etc.  Special arrangements must be made, with the front office, if the moving truck is between 32 to 53 foot long.  We prefer that these trucks/moves are scheduled Monday through Friday, if possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the store manager.