Self Storage

July 13th, 2021

You hear a lot about self storage auctions these days.  You hear of treasures being found for a few dollars.  Does X mark the spot for buried treasure in a self storage unit in Trenton? We’ll leave that for you to find out.Ever curious about what storage auctions actually are?  Storage auctions are held when someone abandons their unit, and we auction off what was in them.  Only 1-2% of all the rented storage units in the country ever go to auction.Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are planning on attending a self storage auction in Hamilton, NJ neighborhood:Cash Only. Payment at a storage auction is typically cash only.  If you are going to a well-attended auction bring a few hundred dollars, just to be on the safe side.No Picking and Choosing. When you purchase items from a unit, you get everything in the unit, there is no picking and choosing what you want and don’t want.24 Hour Rule. Buyers usually have around 24 hours to clear out the purchased unit.Helpful Tips from the Experts:If the unit is kept very neat, it shows that the personal property has been cared for, and may be worth more.Be on the lookout for things with specific resale value, such as tools, electronics and furniture.Also be wary of bidding on a unit with things that may cost money to haul, like old stained mattresses, junky furniture, etc.But don’t take our word for it, check out some self storage Hamilton NJ auctions for yourself!  Give your Property Manager a call to get more info.View the shows that started the phenomenon:Auction HuntersStorage WarsPlus check out these storage auction websites:Destiny AuctionStorage Treasures