Self Storage

July 13th, 2021

Since summer is drawing near the end, it is time to start winterizing and switching out the beach towels for the sleds and snow shovels. If some of your gear needs replaced or donated, use AR&C Self Storage’s recycle tips. We have the storage options to keep everything safe from year to year but also tips to stay environmentally aware. Switching your seasons is easy with our guide.

Before packing all the toys, clothes and equipment away for the winter, go through each piece and look for anything that can be donated. Recycling broken equipment and donating clothing is one easy way to positively impact our environment. For all the items you need space for come check out our public storage options!If you are looking for a way to recycle the extra couches and bed frames contact Habitat for Humanity. There are locations in our neighborhood that can put the slightly used furniture to use. You will save space and give back.Summer is a great time for the whole family to make a dent in the reading list. When you need to make room on the shelves donate any books you do not want to the public library or local school. With the new academic year right around the corner, many teachers are in need of classroom library material.Before the first winter storm comes, check your emergency battery supply and smoke detectors. Your curb side service may take these hard to dispose of items like batteries and light bulbs. Call your city or county for all recycling regulations.Enjoy all fall has to offer while recycling the summer tools. Organize your home, business and storage unit with our help. For all the belongings you want to keep, reach out to our professionals for a secure storage unit today.