Self Storage

July 13th, 2021

Are you getting ready to pull the boat out of the water, or put the vehicle in storage? Use our Hamilton NJ vehicle storage tips to prepare for winter. AR&C Self Storage offers self storage units, both large and small, so storing your large valuables is hassle free.Finding self storage near Hamilton NJ can be solved with a call to AR&C Self Storage or a visit to our online storage rentals. Get started preparing for winter with vehicle storage tips.


  • A fuel stabilizer will keep your gas lines open and debris free.
  • Prevent flat spots in your tires by placing the car on jacks or inflating the tires to the recommended psi. Do not exceed the maximum number because you will weaken your tire.
  • Shut windows and seal the tailpipe, critters will look for any way to get into a warm place.
  • While you are removing the battery, take notice to the fluids under your hood and fill any that are looking low.
  • Maintain insurance and registration the entire time you are storing.
  • For the final step in the vehicle storage process, put a heavy duty cover over the vehicle and store out of direct sunlight.
Maintaining your vehicle in winter does not have to be time consuming. With AR&C Self Storage you can store you household items as well as your winter gear. Even though we do not offer outdoor parking, some of our large storage units maybe helpful for Hamilton NJ vehicle storage.Our Hamilton NJ self storage units are drive up units and temperature controlled storage. When you need extra space for your items, let our self storage units be the answer you are looking for. Give us a call or stop in to talk with our storage experts about renting self storage in Hamilton NJ.