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July 13th, 2021

Soup kitchens have made a difference in lives since 1802, but it takes a special kitchen filled with warmth and safety to really make an impact, especially in our Trenton and Hamilton, NJ communities. That soup kitchen is The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, also known as TASK.TASK is a charitable organization that depends on the help of dedicated volunteers from the area and financial support from individuals, churches, local businesses and organizations in the community. TASK provides thousands of meals each week to families in the Trenton area in New Jersey. They direct their programs towards helping the unfortunate individuals achieve healthier lifestyles, increased self-confidence, and the help to develop skills that will help them to provide their own income.The mission of TASK is to feed those who are in need of meals in the Trenton area and to offer excellent programs that encourage self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life of the people living in Trenton and all over the states. They hope to achieve this by expanding TASK’s ability to reach the hungry in the Trenton area. They also hope to reach those with the aspiration of helping the people in their community that are not fortunate enough to help themselves due to low income and not the right amount of skills in order to do so. Although TASK is continuing to teach those that need skills in order to advance into finding employment, feeding the people that are hungry is and always will be the foremost priority of TASK.The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen is a leader in informing all parts of the community about hunger in their area and creating programs to defeat hunger and food insecurity. They will continue to be a major leader in order to get the word out that there are people who go at night hungry because they don’t have a place like TASK to go to. The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen is a model of good sense of community, love, care, and hope in its area and it will continue to thrive and flourish for as long as people need it.TASK is a great charity to support these Holidays. If you would like to donate or volunteer please give them a call at 609-695-5456, stop by at 72½ Escher Street in Trenton, NJ 08609 or visit their website for more info here: http://www.trentonsoupkitchen.org/Thank you TASK team for the difference you have made in our Hamilton, and Trenton NJ community!