Self Storage

July 13th, 2021

As we plan for this upcoming chilly season, now is the time to address storage of your vehicle. Properly storing your vehicle for the winter season can make getting on the road that much easier in the spring. Below are some tips to strengthen your vehicle for winter and keep it safe for spring.  
  • After carefully washing your vehicle inside and out, apply an all-purpose wax to keep the seasonal weather from damaging your freshly cleaned paint.
  • Avoid starting the vehicle occasionally. This will put unnecessary stress on the car and allow moisture to accumulate in the fluids.
  • Windshield wipers become fused to the windshield if left without movement for a long period. To avoid ruined wipers it is best to take them off completely.
  • If your storage options are outdoors invest in a quality all-weather car cover to keep the wintry weather from ruining your exterior.
  • Renewing the fluids before storage will prevent the tanks from evaporating and corroding during the rapid season change.
  • Old oil contains debris that will settle and hinder proper lubrication of the engine when restarting. Doing a full oil change before storage will be beneficial when getting on the road in the spring.
  • Disconnecting your battery and keeping it in a warm place is the best way to keep it charged all winter.
  • A fuel stabilizer will keep condensation from accumulating and deteriorating the gas tank during this long term storage.
  • Have a licensed mechanic check and replace worn or damaged hoses. Failure to replace worn hoses will cause the lines to freeze and generate issues in the spring.
Visit us for more information on accurately storing your vehicle for the winter season. Whether you need assistance in winter storage or tips for winterizing your vehicle, AR&C Self Storage can lend a helping hand.