Storage Unit Sizing Guide

Self Storage

July 13th, 2021

Are you sure all your items are going to fit into the small storage unit you want to rent? Let our experts at AR&C Self Storage help you determine the right size storage unit to make sure all your belongings fit comfortably and safely. Read our sizing guide below for more information on storage unit sizes and the kinds of furniture that can fit into each.

Small Storage Units

A 5x5 storage unit may seem tiny at first, but if your items are smaller and stackable, that might be all you need. Small storage units generally fit about a bedroom’s worth of furniture and contents. Fit up to a full size mattress, a desk, and maybe a small dresser before loading the rest of your boxes and clothes on top. Self storage units are handy for clearing some extra space in your home storage areas, like your attic, garage, shed, basement, and closets. Seasonal decorations and clothes do not need to be in your house year round. Let us hold onto the Christmas tree while you enjoy the sun, and we will keep it safe until you are ready to decorate again.
Our small storage units (temperature control): 5×5, 5×8, 5x10

Medium Storage Units

Medium storage units can fit quite a few more items—about two or three bedrooms’ furniture. You can fit any size mattress inside, along with bookcases, shelves, coffee tables, and more. Business owners can use this space to store inventory or equipment to save on the costs of office rentals. Our month-by-month leases provide flexibility when you need it most.
Our medium storage units (temperature control): 5x15, 8x10, 10x10

Large Storage Units

At about the size of a one-car garage, large storage units can hold a house (or at least a lot of it). These are perfect for patio and dining room furniture, all your mattresses, kitchen appliances, large desks, bed frames, and your washer and dryer. And if you need to store an extra vehicle, boat, or small trailer, our storage units can keep them protected from the weather.
Our large storage units (temperature control): 8x15, 10x14, 8x18, 10x15, 10x20, 10x24, 10x25, 10x30

Find Your Next Storage Unit at AR&C Self Storage in Hamilton NJ

Looking for temperature-controlled storage near Hamilton NJ? AR&C Self Storage offers a variety of storage unit sizes for your convenience. Temperature control provides an extra layer of protection against extreme heat or cold. If you need help finding the right size storage unit, visit our storage calculator. We lease month-by-month to assure your valuables are kept safe. Reserve a storage unit with us today!