Self Storage

July 13th, 2021

Spring cleaning is a ritual that dates back to ancient cultures. Cultures like the Chinese have for centuries been cleaning this time of year in order to clean out any bad fortune and prepare for the year ahead. We happen to think its a great custom and have some suggestions that we think might come in handy for you for all our friends in the Hamilton and Trenton, NJ area.
  • Cleaning out the fridge is usually on the top of our spring cleaning to do list. Most of us know to toss anything that has passed it “best by” date, but if you cannot find one and are unsure how long you have had an item it’s best to get rid of it. Anything that has been in the freezer for longer than 2-3 months should be tossed as well. You can see all of the Good Housekeeping guide on what to keep, toss or donate here.
  • If you clean with sponges you can avoid cross contamination by using a color coding system. The Mint suggests you assign a color to each room of your house and dedicate a rag and sponge of the same color to it.
  • Avoid scuffing up your wood floors while moving furniture by folding and placing two clean towels under each end of the piece of furniture. Then simply slide it across the floor. Martha Stewart has this and other great tips in her Clever Spring Cleaning Tricks article.
  • As you are getting rid of clutter, don’t forget you can write off all those donations you make. Make a list as you are packing your donations up and get a receipt from the organization. You can use Good Will’s Valuation Guide for donations to determine the value of the items.
  • You can also reduce clutter and annoying junk mail by opting-out of all those unwanted catalogs and other junk mail. Visit websites like CatalogChoice.org to quickly and painlessly do it.To read more about these and other great green cleaning tips check out TLC’s great article.
We hope this article makes you Spring into action!  You probably already know this, but our self storage facility in Hamilton, NJ is the best way to cut out your clutter.  Stop in at our Hamilton, NJ storage location if you want even more great tips!