Self Storage

July 13th, 2021

The flowers are starting to bloom, the trees are budding, are your preparing for spring cleaning? Create that refreshing feel at home with our storage packing tips at AR&C Self Storage. If you are planning a move this spring or just want to revive your home after the winter hibernation, these steps to organization will help. There is nothing more rewarding then a stress free move or a clean home.Pull the drapes back and let the sun shine on your newly organized home with the help of AR&C Self Storage. When you want to clear a few pieces of furniture out to make room, our Hamilton, NJ storage is the answer.
  • Think of your movers when packing. If you fill the large boxes to brim with all your books, it may be difficult to lift. To avoid this common mistake, leave the small boxes for heavy objects.
  • If you have never moved before keep organization at the top of your list. Label the destination of the box and go further by putting a list of what is inside.
  • Pack your fragile dinner wear with a layer of cardboard or bubble wrap in between each piece. Do not forget to put a fragile label on the outside so there is a little extra care taken when carrying this box.
  • Need to store artwork? Protect the glass from cracking by applying a piece of tape in an “X” across the surface.
  • Take apart furniture that is easily put back together. Keep the hardware with it by taping it to the surface.
  • Have a bag set to the side of items you know you will need right away at the new house. Either keep this bag with you or make sure it is the first box out of the truck.
If this spring includes a move or your just want to get ready for the summer fun, AR&C Self Storage packing tips can help.