How To Organize After The Holidays With Storage

Self Storage

July 13th, 2021

Is renting storage part of your January clean up? After the holidays are over organization tips for winter come in handy. Whether the office needs attention after the end of the year rush or your house needs the extra organization, AR&C Self Storage can help. Get ready to recover your open concept layout with a few storage organization tips.

Located in Hamilton NJ, AR&C Self Storage can offer a convenient and safe spot to move your holiday items. Clean up the yard and move the ornaments to a box until next year with the help of these creative holiday packing tips.

  1. Before recycling use, plastic cups and egg cartons for ornaments.
  2. Wrap lights around cardboard sections. Make small cuts on the end so no tangles happen.
  3. A closet organizer is a helpful organization in your storage unit.
  4. Clear containers will save you time searching.
  5. Clothing hangers are great for storing wreaths.
What size unit do you need? Decorating right after Thanksgiving with a walkthrough village or hanging a few wreaths outside, choosing the right size storage unit for your items is number one. Use our size guide to determine an appropriate size unit.

Small Storage Units 5x5 - 5x8 - 5x10

Ideal for two boxes and small yard decor. These units are for the everyday holiday illumination.

Medium Size Storage 10x10 or 10x15

If the exterior show is taking off and adding new features each year, the medium storage units may be the right solution.

Large Self Storage 10x20 - 10x25

You stepped up the show this year, added a new light show and maybe incorporated the latest animated figures, the large storage units are for you! With ample space for boxes and festive light fixtures, these units will keep every light intact.

Instead of storing in the attic or basement, a storage unit may be the solution to help utilize your space.

Our Hamilton self storage is available online and in person. Our team can go over our month storage prices and all the options we provide.