Storage Unit Sizing Guide

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Are you sure all your items are going to fit into the small storage unit you want to rent? Let our experts at AR&C Self Storage help you determine the right size storage unit to make sure all your belongings fit comfortably and safely. Read our sizing guide below for more information on storage unit sizes and the kinds of furniture that can fit into each. Small Storage Units A 5x5 storage unit may seem tiny at first, but if your items are smaller and stackable, that might be all you need. Small storage units generally fit about a bedroom’s worth of furniture and contents. Fit up to a full size mattress, a desk, and maybe a small dresser before loading the rest of your boxes and clothes on top. Self storage units are handy for clearing some extra space in your home storage areas, like your attic, garage, shed, basement, and closets. Seasonal decorations and clothes do not need to be in your house year round. Let us hold onto the Christmas tree while you enjoy the sun, and we will keep it safe until you are ready to decorate again. Our small storage units (temperature control): 5×5, 5×8, 5x10 Medium Storage Units Medium storage units can fit quite a few more items—about two or three bedrooms’ furniture. You can fit any size mattress inside, along with bookcases, shelves, coffee tables, and more. Business owners can use this space to store inventory or equipment to save on the costs of office rentals. Our month-by-month leases provide flexibility when you need it most. Our medium storage units (temperature control): 5x15, 8x10, 10x10 Large Storage Units At about the size of a one-car garage, large storage units can hold a house (or at least a lot of it). These are perfect for patio and dining room furniture, all your mattresses, kitchen appliances, large desks, bed frames, and your washer and dryer. And if you need to store an extra vehicle, boat, or small trailer, our storage units ...

August 17th, 2020

Creating A Small Home Office With Self Storage

Self Storage

You deserve to have a home office that is not only productive but spacious. Make working from home as productive and enjoyable as working from the office. AR&C Self Storage has tips to help you when creating a small home office and home fitness center. Creating A Home Office Remove distractions and store extra items in storage. A productive workspace is an organized and spacious one. Use self-storage for your business document storage needs. Keep it comfortable and add a place to take a break or for the kids to visit. Make a shared space with your spouse or kids. Home Fitness Center Tips Convert your garage or shed into a home fitness center. Stay on top of your workout plan and use wall space for your weekly schedule. Use self-storage to make your gym spacious for more active workouts. Combine your work and gym activities in the same room. Self Storage is Key AR&C Self Storage in Hamilton NJ offers indoor and drive up storage units to help you make space at home. Whether working from home or working out at home, our storage units can help. Reserve online and start moving your items to storage now! ...

July 20th, 2020

How To Make An Oasis At Home With Temporary Storage

Self Storage

Moving a few items to storage? AR&C Self Storage has storage units for rent, moving supplies for sale, and the temporary storage you need to make your new house a home. Whether you are moving seasonal gear or making your at-home office more productive, our Hamilton NJ storage facility can help! How Self Storage Can Help Organize Your Space Create a sense of calm with open space - store your extra items. Spruce up your outdoor patio by creating a sitting area around a water feature or fire. Organize your kitchen according to your schedule. Choose a storage unit to store boxes of clothing or extra items. Stage your home for the open house and reserve a storage unit. Temporary Self Storage in Hamilton NJ AR&C Self Storage is a convenient storage facility in Hamilton NJ area. Our storage units range from small 5x5, suitable for a few boxes, to large 10x20 storage units the will easily store your whole house. Find the storage solutions that make your home an oasis while you work from home or prepare to move, AR&C Self Storage wants to help. Save your space and visit your storage unit before renting to ensure you have ample space. Easily reserve online today! ...

June 1st, 2020

Fast, Convenient, & Online: Commitment Free Storage Reservations

Self Storage

Looking for storage units for a move? Maybe your seasonal items are taking up useable space in the garage; take back your space with AR&C Self Storage! Our storage facility in Hamilton NJ offers a variety of storage units along with online solutions to speed up the process. Make your choice with the help of our size guide then reserve your self-storage unit online! 5 easy steps to reserve our Hamilton NJ storage! Select reserve next to the unit you want. Add your contact information. Choose the date you want to move in Select reserve. Stop by our office on Back Creek Road to complete the storage rental. We Are Here To Help AR&C Self Storage offers fast commitment-free storage reservations along with moving supplies and a team to help you make your move simple. Our experts are in the office and ready to answer your questions about renting or moving to Hamilton Township NJ. Let us help you find the storage unit to assist with your move, business, or personal items. ...

May 1st, 2020

Movers Guide to Hamilton NJ

Self Storage

Are you planning to move to Hamilton NJ? AR&C Self Storage has put together a movers guide for your easy transition to the Hamilton, New Jersey. Hamilton is a township in Mercer County and is located within the New York Metropolitan area. Hamilton has seen a big boom in new housing construction over the decade, much oif it designed for retirees. The area has many 55+ communities because of the imcreased prominence and outstanding care. Hamilton Community Information Population: 87,552 Median Household Income: $70,292 Median Property Value: $250,000 Hamilton Township is famous for the Grounds for Sculpture and authentic cuisnies. The cost of living in Hamilton is higher than the national average but lower comapred to New Jersey Average. Located just at a short distance from New York City, Philadelphia and Trenton, Hamilton enjoys a unique location to benefit from all three. Hamilton schools are known for their exceptional diversity and outstanding college preparation services. They also have a lot of clubs and activities outside of school. Nearby Neighborhoods Trenton NJ Trenton is located just 10 minutes away from Hamilton Township and is the capital city of state of New Jersey. Trenton is famous for museums, coffee shops, and parks. The Trenton Thunder, the New York yankees' AA baseball team, make their home at the Arm & Hammer Park in Trenton. Philadelphia PA Philadelphia is located on a 30 minutes drive from Hamilton Township and is the largest city in state of Pennsylvania. Famous as the birthplace of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Philadelphia offers on destination, five counties and countless things to do: fascinating museums, vibrant parks, national historic sites, and famous food. Storage Units in Hamilton Township, NJ AR&C Self Storage is here to help you with your relocation to Hamilton Township in New Jersey. We offer a variety of temperature-controlled storage unit ranging from 5x5 to 10x25 to fit your storage needs. Our multi-level storage facility has elevators and carts available to assist while customers move in. Discover additional features and our current move-in specials for our ...

April 1st, 2020

How To Organize After The Holidays With Storage

Self Storage

Is renting storage part of your January clean up? After the holidays are over organization tips for winter come in handy. Whether the office needs attention after the end of the year rush or your house needs the extra organization, AR&C Self Storage can help. Get ready to recover your open concept layout with a few storage organization tips. Located in Hamilton NJ, AR&C Self Storage can offer a convenient and safe spot to move your holiday items. Clean up the yard and move the ornaments to a box until next year with the help of these creative holiday packing tips. Before recycling use, plastic cups and egg cartons for ornaments. Wrap lights around cardboard sections. Make small cuts on the end so no tangles happen. A closet organizer is a helpful organization in your storage unit. Clear containers will save you time searching. Clothing hangers are great for storing wreaths. What size unit do you need? Decorating right after Thanksgiving with a walkthrough village or hanging a few wreaths outside, choosing the right size storage unit for your items is number one. Use our size guide to determine an appropriate size unit. Small Storage Units 5x5 - 5x8 - 5x10 Ideal for two boxes and small yard decor. These units are for the everyday holiday illumination. Medium Size Storage 10x10 or 10x15 If the exterior show is taking off and adding new features each year, the medium storage units may be the right solution. Large Self Storage 10x20 - 10x25 You stepped up the show this year, added a new light show and maybe incorporated the latest animated figures, the large storage units are for you! With ample space for boxes and festive light fixtures, these units will keep every light intact. Instead of storing in the attic or basement, a storage unit may be the solution to help utilize your space. Our Hamilton self storage is available online and in person. Our team can go over our month storage prices and all the options we ...

January 7th, 2020

7 Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle

Self Storage

Do you have a collector car, spare car, maybe a hybrid? If you are preparing for winter weather check out these quick tips for winterizing your vehicle. 7 Winterizing The Spare Car Wash the car first! Find a storage space to park your car out of the driveway. Change the oil before moving to storage. Inflate tires to recommended PSI. Top off coolant and other fluids. Use a car cover even in storage. Chock the wheels to prevent the car from rolling. Hybrid Car Winterizing Lighten your load to get the most our of front-wheel-drive cars. Consider using snow tires. Make sure your tires have enough tread for the predicted conditions. Routinely clean under the car. Purchase quality windshield wipers. Warm up the car before driving off. Keep your car plugged in all the time to conserve battery drainage. Whether storing a spare car or preparing to purchase a hybrid car before winter, these vehicle storage tips will help you keep going in every winter storm. AR&C Self Storage has drive-up storage units and interior storage options to help store the rest of your belongings throughout the season. Even if spring comes 6 weeks early, your car will be prepared for all climates with these suggestions. Give us a call today to store your personal or business belongings with us. ...

November 11th, 2019

5 Self Storage Supplies To Benefit Your Move

Self Storage

Packing up the house or just moving a few items to storage for the season? Our Hamilton NJ self storage supplies can help! The most beneficial part about storing your gear is having the right tools for the job and AR&C Self Storage has you covered. If this is your first time storing or you need some assistance from the experts our Hamilton NJ storage facility has all the answers. On-site staff to guide you through the rental process and talk to you about different moving supplies will point you in the right direction. Why Choose Our Self Storage Supplies? For the entire month of October, we are giving a portion of merchandise sales to the Susan G Komen Foundation. To further their search for a cure, you can help with each box, lock, or moving tool you purchase from us. 5 Tools To Use When Moving Not sure what you need? Let our storage tips for your upcoming move help! 1. Boxes - A variety is helpful when packing the whole house. Use small boxes for heavier items and large boxes for lighter belongings. 2. Labels - stay organized while you move and while you store! 3. Tape - Start an assembly line for constructing boxes; make sure each person has their own tape to make the process seamless. 4. Mattress Bags - Have one for each mattress going to storage. Our Hamilton NJ office supplies customers with a mattress bag for every size. 5. Packing Paper - Some sort of protector will do your fragile items well when transporting them to the storage unit. Moving can be a big undertaking, especially when it is your first time or you have not done it in years. That is why here at AR&C Self Storage we take care of our customers. Moving and storage work together. Our moving supplies along with U-Haul's moving supply calculator will help determine how many boxes you need. Talk with our store manager or use our storage calculator ...

October 14th, 2019


Self Storage

It is that time of year again, back to school and back to a busy schedule. How can our local storage in Hamilton NJ help you prepare for the upcoming school year? With a little extra space, your seasonal gear is protected and safe until next season and our tips for the house will get you and the kids ready for a new year. Check out some of the ways our local self storage units help with back to school season. STORING OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT Prepare lawn care items before winter sets in. Fill the gas tank, inflate the tires, and change the oil. It is time to put the peddle bikes away. Clean off any dirt and grim, put oil on the chains, and add air to the tires. Organize camping gear in clear boxes with a label of contents on the outside. Allow tents and sleeping bags time to air out after your last adventure before putting them in storage. Use our large storage units to store canoes and kayaks away from extreme weather. Reserve your seasonal storage unit today! ORGANIZATION FOR AROUND THE HOUSE Back school means coordinating schedules and planning meals. Get organized fast with these 5 helpful tips for back to school organization. Create a fun homework station somewhere the kids can focus. A pop down table in their room is space-saving and convenient. Get your morning organized with a family station. Keep calendars, bookbags, and reminders for kids in one easy spot they will see. A command center is easy for everyone to stay organized. Know what after school activities are happening and groceries you need for the weekly meals. Keep all the at-home school supplies close to the kid’s homework station. Things like pencils, glue, markers, and paper can be easily stored in a recycled soup can. Apps like Here Comes The Bus and can help you get to the bus on time and make homework a little easier! Find 25 more tips to help with around the house organization!AR&C Self Storage is your local storage option for ...

September 4th, 2019


Self Storage

AR&C Self Storage is proud to make Hamilton NJ township a place to visit. We wanted to share some of our favorite places to visit and explore in the area. Stop by to chat with us about your favorite places in our Hamilton NJ community while renting a self storage unit. RESTAURANTS TO TRY Rossi’s Bar & Grill – a small venue that fosters community and local friendships. Carella’s Chocolate & Gifts – a local chocolate shop whose specialty is a chocolate dipped wine bottle. Break off the chocolate to have with your wine and cheese. Texas Roadhouse – great service and our neighborhood friend! PLACES TO VISIT Venture over to Hamilton Square to shop all day! Civil War and Native American Museum NEIGHBORHOOD FRIENDS TO CONNECT WITH A friend in a new place can mean a smooth transition and AR&C Self Storage can be yours. We have a friendly smiling manager on site to help you get situated in your storage unit and give a few suggestions of places to see in the area.View our neighborhood friends board for businesses to help you with your next home improvement projects. We are a proud member of the local Shop Hamilton which features shops to visit and community events.Close to the New Jersey Pennsylvania state border AR&C Self Storage can be an easy solution to store if new to the Hamilton NJ community. Our storage managers are friendly and very familiar with the area. We can recommend a place to eat or local mechanic to help you get accustom to a new neighborhood.Find your next storage solution online! Reserve your storage unit and stop in the office to finish all the paperwork and get a chance to meet our team. ...

August 5th, 2019

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