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Packing up the house or just moving a few items to storage for the season? Our Hamilton NJ self storage supplies can help! The most beneficial part about storing your gear is having the right tools for the job and AR&C Self Storage has you covered. If this is your first time storing or you need some assistance from the experts our Hamilton NJ storage facility has all the answers. On-site staff to guide you through the rental process and talk to you about different moving supplies will point you in the right direction. Why Choose Our Self Storage Supplies? For the entire month of October, we are giving a portion of merchandise sales to the Susan G Komen Foundation. To further their search for a cure, you can help with each box, lock, or moving tool you purchase from us. 5 Tools To Use When Moving Not sure what you need? Let our storage tips for your upcoming move help! 1. Boxes - A variety is helpful when packing the whole house. Use small boxes for heavier items and large boxes for lighter belongings. 2. Labels - stay organized while you move and while you store! 3. Tape - Start an assembly line for constructing boxes; make sure each person has their own tape to make the process seamless. 4. Mattress Bags - Have one for each mattress going to storage. Our Hamilton NJ office supplies customers with a mattress bag for every size. 5. Packing Paper - Some sort of protector will do your fragile items well when transporting them to the storage unit. Moving can be a big undertaking, especially when it is your first time or you have not done it in years. That is why here at AR&C Self Storage we take care of our customers. Moving and storage work together. Our moving supplies along with U-Haul's moving supply calculator will help determine how many boxes you need. Talk with our store manager or use our storage calculator ...

October 14th, 2019


Self Storage

It is that time of year again, back to school and back to a busy schedule. How can our local storage in Hamilton NJ help you prepare for the upcoming school year? With a little extra space, your seasonal gear is protected and safe until next season and our tips for the house will get you and the kids ready for a new year. Check out some of the ways our local self storage units help with back to school season. STORING OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT Prepare lawn care items before winter sets in. Fill the gas tank, inflate the tires, and change the oil. It is time to put the peddle bikes away. Clean off any dirt and grim, put oil on the chains, and add air to the tires. Organize camping gear in clear boxes with a label of contents on the outside. Allow tents and sleeping bags time to air out after your last adventure before putting them in storage. Use our large storage units to store canoes and kayaks away from extreme weather. Reserve your seasonal storage unit today! ORGANIZATION FOR AROUND THE HOUSE Back school means coordinating schedules and planning meals. Get organized fast with these 5 helpful tips for back to school organization. Create a fun homework station somewhere the kids can focus. A pop down table in their room is space-saving and convenient. Get your morning organized with a family station. Keep calendars, bookbags, and reminders for kids in one easy spot they will see. A command center is easy for everyone to stay organized. Know what after school activities are happening and groceries you need for the weekly meals. Keep all the at-home school supplies close to the kid’s homework station. Things like pencils, glue, markers, and paper can be easily stored in a recycled soup can. Apps like Here Comes The Bus and Dictionary.com can help you get to the bus on time and make homework a little easier! Find 25 more tips to help with around the house organization!AR&C Self Storage is your local storage option for ...

September 4th, 2019


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AR&C Self Storage is proud to make Hamilton NJ township a place to visit. We wanted to share some of our favorite places to visit and explore in the area. Stop by to chat with us about your favorite places in our Hamilton NJ community while renting a self storage unit. RESTAURANTS TO TRY Rossi’s Bar & Grill – a small venue that fosters community and local friendships. Carella’s Chocolate & Gifts – a local chocolate shop whose specialty is a chocolate dipped wine bottle. Break off the chocolate to have with your wine and cheese. Texas Roadhouse – great service and our neighborhood friend! PLACES TO VISIT Venture over to Hamilton Square to shop all day! Civil War and Native American Museum NEIGHBORHOOD FRIENDS TO CONNECT WITH A friend in a new place can mean a smooth transition and AR&C Self Storage can be yours. We have a friendly smiling manager on site to help you get situated in your storage unit and give a few suggestions of places to see in the area.View our neighborhood friends board for businesses to help you with your next home improvement projects. We are a proud member of the local Shop Hamilton which features shops to visit and community events.Close to the New Jersey Pennsylvania state border AR&C Self Storage can be an easy solution to store if new to the Hamilton NJ community. Our storage managers are friendly and very familiar with the area. We can recommend a place to eat or local mechanic to help you get accustom to a new neighborhood.Find your next storage solution online! Reserve your storage unit and stop in the office to finish all the paperwork and get a chance to meet our team. ...

August 5th, 2019


Self Storage

Why choose a storage unit? The benefits of storing your belongings with AR&C Self Storage go further than a safe place to store your gear. Our Hamilton NJ affordable storage options can be the answer to your family moving this summer or your business inventory growing. Check out these 10 reasons our Hamilton NJ self storage can be useful. YOU MIGHT NEED STORAGE IF…. Selling your home? Storage space is the safe place out of site of potential buyers to store your extra belongings and start packing. Downsizing or helping a family member move to a smaller home. Yard sales can help get rid of items you no longer want, but what do you do with the seasonal items and keepsakes? This is when self storage is helpful! Your business is growing! Renovating a new room at home. Starting a business online. Moving out of state. Coming home from college. Seasonal decorations. Recently changed your relationship status. Traveling for business. These beneficial options for self storage are endless, that is why we provide storage features our customers want. AR&C Self Storage is monitored by 24 hour recorded video all day, every day so keep your belongings somewhere other than home is no longer a worry. Our storage experts have extensive knowledge of the industry and can help you answer the question “which storage unit is right for me?”AR&C Self Storage is more than just your storage option in Hamilton NJ. We are secure, convenient, peace of mind you can use when moving your belongings to a new house or need room for valuables. Find supplies, Hamilton NJ affordable storage, and extensive neighborhood connections all at AR&C Self Storage.AR&C Self Storage wants to be more than storage for you! If you are considering a move or just need extra space around the house, contact us today! We have experts here to answer your questions and start helping you feel at ease about your upcoming lift changes. ...

July 1st, 2019


Self Storage

Not sure what steps you need to take to hire moving professionals? AR&C Self Storage has more than storage units available, we have tips to help you hire the right Hamilton NJ moving company for the job. If you are debating between moving yourself or hiring a team to help you, check out local Hamilton NJ moving companies we recommend for a reliable choice. A quote can help you determine if this is the missing piece in your move.Would you rather tackle your latest move without a moving team? Talk with AR&C Self Storage about renting our moving truck. We offer our customers a free moving truck to make the transition to storage a little easier.Talk with our experts in our office about preparing for moving day and see how our Hamilton NJ storage options can make a difference. WHAT YOU SHOULD ASK YOUR HAMILTON NJ MOVING COMPANY? Do you charge extra if there are stairs? How can I pay? What kind of training does your team go through? Do you have any references? Who should I call on moving day if an issue arises? Choosing a local moving company can make the transition to a new home a little easier. With these questions you can be in the know when it comes time to choose someone to help you.Find more questions to ask and steps to take here! WHAT TO DO ON MOVING DAY? That day has arrived, it is time to move! AR&C Self Storage has a few pointers to help the day go smoothly. Everything from where to eat after, to how to help your professional movers. Lay a tarp down to protect your floors or hire a professional cleaning service afterwards to make the house sparkle. Put large labels on all your boxes so you and the movers know the destination. Gather all your boxes in one easy location. This will speed up the moving process. Find a local spot like Eat Well To Go for after a long day. ...

June 13th, 2019


Self Storage

Moving across the state or planning a cross country move? Let us help you find the right checklist to get the house packed and ready for cross country moving. See how we recommend moving your family and making your new house feel like home. RE-STOCK THE PANTRY While packing up the kitchen you may have gotten rid of a lot of your food on hand. After a move you want to re-stock the cabinets with the basics but it may have been to long since the last time you did this. Maybe the spices were years old or your dry goods were past the expiration date; use this printable pantry supply list to build up your stock again. WHERE TO UPDATE YOUR INFO AFTER A MOVE? Some of these address updates can be handled before you move. Talk with your real estate agent about setting up utilities at your new location and finding doctors offices. Moving with kids? Look for a reputable school in the area for the kids to easily transition to. Change your address with the post office. They give you 1 month to notify businesses of your address change. Update your drivers license with your current state’s DMV. Businesses to notify: Credit card companies Insurance Agent Notify Government Agencies within 10 days after a move for social security benefits and Veteran assistance programs. Update Utilities Update online accounts, like Amazon. Whether relocating for work or looking for a new adventure, AR&C Self Storage can help you settle with out being overwhelmed. A move cross country is a big undertaking and a secure space for extra items can be just what you need. Stay calm during your move with a self storage unit from AR&C Self Storage. Ready to rent your storage unit? Rent online or give us a call to talk about all your storage options at AR&C Self Storage. We can recommend a few local moving companies or check out our neighborhood friends board. ...

May 2nd, 2019


Self Storage

Come May, college graduates and students are moving back home for summer break, help them find a place to keep their school items safe. AR&C Self Storage has Hamilton NJ college storage options to make summer that much more enjoyable. With a safe place to store your school gear, you can enjoy your days at the beach and be worry free.Storing your college gear during summer is helpful come fall when it is time to go back to school. With all your belongings in one convenient location, you can pack up the car and head back to campus. AR&C Self Storage has temperature controlled storage and drive up storage units, either one provides a secure option for storing your books and college items. COLLEGE STORAGE TIPS: MOVING OUT OF THE DORM Give your mini fridge a few days to defrost so your storage unit does not have a puddle in it. Storing with a friend? Save yourself from confusion and put a label on each box. Our Hamilton NJ storage office has moving supplies ready for purchase. Plastic bins are stack-able and easily moved. Purchase a few under-the-bed bins to pack things up. Textbooks for courses you have already taken can be sold back to your campus store or sold online to make a little extra spending money at the end of a school year. If you are looking for Hamilton NJ college storage space, AR&C Self Storage can help! Give us a call to reserve your storage unit today and get ready for summer break.Need help choosing which storage unit is right for you? Check out our storage calculator and let us do the math for you! ...

April 2nd, 2019


Self Storage

Storage can assist while you sell items online by keeping them safe before the final sale. Businesses use AR&C Self Storage for products and merchandise. Not only can we answer your storage questions but our Hamilton NJ storage units can be a secure place to store your items.AR&C Self Storage has indoor and drive up storage units to support all our customers. Small businesses may not want their merchandise to go through freezing temperatures and extreme highs, so we suggest our indoor temperature controlled storage. You can also store seasonal clothing in drive up storage units for easy access while moving in. When you want to swap your items for cash, consider selling them online. SELLING WEBSITES Facebook Marketplace Etsy Offer Up Let Go HOW TO SELL ITEMS ONLINE More detail the better! Use photos and a detailed description for a successful sale. Take good photos to show off the best features. If it is broken or needs a new finish, tell your customer and be honest about the quality. Set a time limit to urge customers to make the final purchase. After they have, send it directly to them or meet up somewhere public. If you want to negotiate the price or are unsure where to start, be reasonable and willing to negotiate. AR&C Self Storage is ready for warmer weather and if your home needs extra space let us help! Reserve your Hamilton NJ storage unit online and then stop in to finish the storage rental with our store manager.While many of our college students get ready for summer, storage can be the great short term storage they need. Reserve a small unit for your college student now. Some students sell items online as a source of summer income, or get a jumpstart on student loans. ...

March 15th, 2019


Self Storage

Getting ready for a big life event or planning a move? Downsizing or finding your dream home, AR&C Self Storage in Hamilton NJ can help. These apartment storage tips are not just for our renters in the area, if your home is lacking on storage space, get started with these easy storage ideas for a small home.AR&C Self Storage has a variety of storage options, like drive up self storage, indoor temperature controlled, even RV parking. Reserve your Hamilton NJ storage unit online and start getting organized today. 5 APARTMENT STORAGE TIPS Baby on the way and limited space? Make room for the crib with help from self storage. Store extra furniture while baby proofing the house or apartment. College graduates are crossing the stage this May and are working towards a career. Storage helped in between semesters, now it can help while they settle down after school. Maybe all your kids are moved out and it is time to downsize. Let us take care of your belongings while you downsize your home. Just want to get organized? Between the seasonal items and extra belongings you acquire, your extra space fills up fast. A small storage unit can be a storage option for your extra gear. Selling on Etsy or other online stores? Storage is a great place to set up your inventory. Keep your open layout around the house and apartment with our Hamilton NJ storage units. AR&C Self Storage is ready for moving season with these apartment storage tips. APARTMENT FINDERS Searching for a home in Hamilton NJ? Trulia, Zillow, and Apartment Finder narrows down listings in your area and price range. Make the move to the new house and storage unit as easy as possible with AR&C Self Storage. ...

February 4th, 2019


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Our Hamilton NJ storage facility is more than a space saving solution. We are here to assist your home and business when you need extra space. AR&C Self Storage offers interior storage units and exterior drive up self storage so you can choose a space that makes the most sense for storing.Did you know you can also reserve online? When you know you need extra space, reserve your storage unit online at your convenience. SIMPLE DECORATIONS FOR AFTER A MOVE How do get your space set up after a move, with organization in mind? Decorating Tips & Tricks is a recent podcast with advice for all our recent movers. Laugh along while learning how to create a beautiful home and stay organized.Another great podcast for new homeowners or even apartment renters, is the Millennial Homemakers. Walk through lifestyle tips, homemaking, hostessing and more with this by-weekly podcast. ARRANGE YOUR BUSINESS FOR SUCCESS IN THE NEW YEAR Podcasts can even help you solve projects at work! Many small businesses keep their customers informed with blogs. Get some tips from Business2Blogger or Problogger; both online series provide listeners with challenges and money marketing tips.Getting organized is a common new year’s resolution and AR&C Self Storage is here to help! Our Hamilton NJ storage units keep your items safe while you straighten up after the holidays. Reserve storage space in Hamilton NJ online today! ...

January 29th, 2019

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